mindful: focusing ones awareness on the present moment


they're here again

the waving notions of being with you.

remembering you.

remembering us.

i can almost feel the fuzz in my stomach from your touch.

as much as these memories pain me, they take me back to a time of serenity.

when i believed in you.

when i believed in us.

photography by siam coy (@siamcoy)

siam is a multidisciplinary artist based in london, he specialises photography. he began taking pictures at 15, initially exploring ‘street photography’, but developing into something more. his work has been featured in magazines such as vanity fair, i-d magazine, among others. he has contributed to a fundraiser for bail contributions in partnership with the earth issue.

poem by christopher mccrory (@streamlondon & @psychosis_uk)

a mancunian artist, musician, and journalist based in london, mccrory's work explores life's trials and tribulations. future of music - fuckingyoung magazine. featured artworks by loewe, mugler, love magazine.