mindful: focusing one's awareness on the present moment


the mindful editions are an annual collection of mindful work by diverse creatives. 

an independent publishing company based in London, working with creatives from around the world. founder flora butler started the company in 2019 because both she and the creatives around her were struggling to earn money from their practices and fighting for any kind of exposure. this was compounded by the global covid-19 pandemic, which saw the withdrawal of funding, no existence of exhibitions or physical spaces to practice and an incomparable loss of work in the creative sector.

at a time when being mindful is so key: for the planet, our communities and ourselves, creating a space to showcase work that engages with the world, and the people in it, felt necessary and timely. flora wanted to create a publishing house that promoted marginalised and new voices, gave them a platform and more creative control than a traditional publishing house, and contributed to their income. all profits from each publication are split evenly amongst the contributors.

2023 . special edition . mindful foraging: an introductory guide

2022 .  edition 02 . 6 sculptors + 6 painters

2022 . special edition . our lockdown garden by ruth toda-nation

2020 . edition 01 . 10 photographers + 10 poets