mindful: focusing ones awareness on the present moment

i see you
hey you, i see you.
i see you in your pain and heartache and meet you with open arms.

pain is no game,
there’s no winner, no prize.

place your trauma on the mantelpiece; that’s yours.
it was given to you and I can’t answer why. i’m sorry,
i’m sorry it chose you.

but encase that trauma with flowers and showcase it. rip the seams- flaunt it on the runway.
that’s yours.

meet it with love and greet it with a hug. introduce it where it’s safe to do so.
know that its shaped you so perfect as you are. it’ll be present when it needs to be;
but it’s not the star of the show.

break off pieces and study them,
those ‘damaged’ parts that now sparkle in your eyes.

you are the star of the show.
you were there.
the audience applauded you, did you know?

you got here. Here now.
you made it here now, and you’ll make it wherever you go.

photograph by ruth toda nation (@ruthtodanation)
ruth toda-nation uses her camera to explore themes present in her everyday life. her work is heavily influenced by her nomadic childhood spent moving between two cultures; japan and britain. her work touches on issues relating to family, ageing and loneliness, transience and departure. her interests lie in documenting people, coupled with the desire to allow people to tell their truth.

poem by kirsty marshall (@kirstemarshall)

if you do not transform your pain, you will transmit it. i mainly use poetry as a coping mechanism, to filter through any uncomfortable feelings. poems come to me in waves, just like emotions. remember: vulnerability is not weakness. I say lean into discomfort - comfort is overrated anyway.