mindful: focusing ones awareness on the present moment


a grey sunday evening,
a day spent in bed and on the floor,
of marmite on white bread
and laughing until sore

dappled sunlight on your skin,
your uneven breath on mine
heat radiates from you -
your warmth makes me feel whole

out on the street you held my gaze
before you walked away,
lips touched lips, nose to nose,
hearts beating hard

i felt like i’d swallowed the sun.

photograph by oliver chapman (@olichappers)

oli is a creative who uses still and moving image to convey his relationship with his surroundings. he takes inspiration from the things he has always involved himself in, such as skateboarding,  surfing, time spent on the road and in nature. his photos reflect on how environments feel, using images to scrap-book a moment, place or experience as thoroughly as possible.
poem by flora butler (@floraajbutler)
flora is a young creative from london. her work explores the themes of mental health, love, loss and the inner self. flora pursues poetry alongside her work as a painter and gender studies student.