mindful: focusing ones awareness on the present moment


worship wasted
(or) wasted worship
more than three notes
(and) countless hours
spent tracing the invisible lines
of pleasure in your body
how many seconds
comprise the moans
and goosebumps
across the landscape
bronzed and burnished
the golden dunes
i revel within each day
my ra
the first
to be worshipped

photography by moayed abu  ammouna (@moayed.abuammouna)

moayed is a palestinian refugee born in 1999, gaza city. he is studying media at al-aqsa university. he works as a short film writer and director with feature, experimental, and video artwork. he wonders in his works about the earth, uprooting roots, refugees, and identity, raising issues he experiences in his lived reality. he is currently under house arrest in the besieged gaza city, but he continues his study in the field of film.

poem by samuel hendra (@sam.jww)

a young gay creative living and working in london, samuel hendra trained as a bespoke tailor and has now moved into exploring the mediums of poetry and textiles. his work explores the themes of  love, anxiety, family and loss.