mindful: focusing ones awareness on the present moment

in the end

the roaches pulled my body from the wreckage.
two dead moths in my pocket and a message.

on a banknote in biro, it read:
where can I buy
another day?

photograph by june bourgois
 (@jigsaw moody)

nine 21, is a photographer and model. raised in paris, she moved to london two years ago. in a fear of forgetting everything she saw one day, she daily captures her surrounding, always excited to get her photos back from the lab to find the little detail she didn’t see at first.
poem by james wijesinghe (@wijswords)

james wijesinghe is a poet and music publicist, currently spinning plates behind a bar in bournemouth. after four years studying english, he now chooses the books he reads himself, (mostly comics). he was poetry editor for the enigma journal and has performed on multiple raised platforms.