mindful: focusing ones awareness on the present moment

i wish to be
a drop in the mediterranean,
flowing in its route
from one sea to another,
from one river to another,
to be smothered by heat,
to settle in the embrace of the sky,
one with a cloud,
to then fall, a single drop,
and find home, in darkness of your hair
“to forget as if i never were”.

photograph by j cub (@thefarisgallery)
j cub spent the first nineteen years of his life riding the nauseating and redundant rollercoasters of american suburbia until he pretended to be academically interested in a dutch university. untaken by uni life, he devoted time to cultivating an inner world with his guitar, camera, and writing.

poem by ibrahim rasheed

24 years old, ibrahim is a palestinian from gaza, who is now living as a refugee in europe. for ibrahim, writing is life, and poetry is what gives life lustre. the page provides a space to express his emotions, but he asks why should a page have that responsibility? his work is an expression of this tension and what life brings.