mindful: focusing ones awareness on the present moment

we lay
the days are so long here some feel like a week, some a year,
some a month...

i feel connected in a city where apathy runs rampant
connected in my friendships with those who have jewelled pupils, ornate teeth and patched clothes.
connected in my love for those who bite their tongues, bite off mine and speak with salt.
i can sprinkle sugar,
you can sprinkle hate.
yet we are connected in this city,

in the ratted drains and secret manholes,
we have dreams of gold and speeches of silver,
in this apathetic town our presence is unnoticed but our blood runs along with the the blue paper blue paperboats -

we’ll lay on beaches of silver and swim in seas of red and gold.
unlike those who float on their fronts, we will float on our backs in the sun.

we will never understand what it means to lose limbs to the beast, to lose children to the mar,
or to lose identity to the state

but if, the sun sets on this turbulent plain,
and if, tumultuous journeys never even begin -
we can lay on beaches of gold and wildly live dreams of green, for the tide will come in once,
and leave us once in our peace.

photograph by adriano d’astolto (@adrianodastolto) in collaboration with HTBX London (h_t_b_x)

adriano is deeply fascinated by the mechanical feelings that underpin the medium of film photography. he has found that the texture of film forms the base for harmony of light and form.

poem by laura pearson

the poetry of laura pearson represents a dichotomy of connection between herself and the world, expressing uncomfortable realisations about the realities we share; ultimately acting as a place of understanding and connection, her work tries to be a humble place for all to share.